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JUNE, 29 2014 : I am currently in activity in a permanent position.

Kveldsro terrasse 11A
Tel : +

PLM/BIM/ALM consultant (14 years),

project manager IPMA®

    objective    OBJECTIVE

A key functional position in business transformation using the full range of my management and functional skills, leading the development of PLM programs through their entire lifecycle. An activity based on relationships with customers, suppliers and colleagues in pre-sales, implementation planning and execution, change deployment.

A position based in Oslo, with little mobility in Europe possible.

    work    WORK ExpErience

 Jun 12 - now



PLM Solution Architect

Permanent Position


 April 2014

Sep 2012

Itelligence Norway

PLM Solution Architect

Oslo, Norway Norway

Aker Solutions
Siem WIS


SEAL Systems

▪ Consulting at Aker Solutions around SAP PLM and SEAL Systems products. Oil & Gas industry.

▪ Support for Siem WIS around SAP PLM. Oil & Gas industry.

20 months

 Apr 11 - Mai 12

 Dassault Systèmes


 dassault systemes

PLM Solution Architect

Permanent Position


Mai 12

Jan 12

Dassault Systèmes AB

PM and Solution Architect

Gothenburg, Sweden Sweden


▪ Consulting at Ringhals (Vattenfall) around DS products. Energy industry.

5 months

Dec 11

Oct 11

Dassault Systèmes AB

Solution Architect

Stockholm, Sweden Sweden


▪ Consulting at H&M around DS products. Apparel industry.

▪ Migration assesment to enovia v6 for Monoprix. Apparel industry.

3 months

Sep 11

Mai 11

Dassault Systèmes UK

Global Solution Architect

Coventry, United Kingdom United Kingdom


▪ Global Solution Architect heading the solution team of DS consultants at Jaguar Land Rover. Automotive Industry. Products scope: Enovia (20+ modules), Delmia, Simulia, Catia, 3DLive, 3D via composer. Collaboration with Processia and  Xchanging.


 Mai 06 - Mar 11

 Technia (Oslo)


PLM Project Manager

Permanent Position




Technia Norway

Project Manager & SA

Norway Norway, Germany Germany, Israel Israel

AKVA group


▪ PLM Projects at multinational companies AKVAgroup, IDE technologies, IFM, Wema, Think, around ENOVIA v6 for Product Lifecycle Management. Project Planning, Execution, Deployment. Business Consulting.

13 months

Mai 09

Jan 09

Technia Norway

Project Manager

Copenhagen, Denmark Denmark


▪ PLM Program at FLSmidth around ENOVIA MatrixOne for Product Lifecycle Management. Project Initialization, Planning, Execution, Deployment. Scrum framework.

5 months

Jan 09

Jan 08

Technia Norway

Project Manager

Copenhagen, Denmark Denmark


▪ PLM Program ACCORD at Oticon around ENOVIA MatrixOne for Product Lifecycle Management. Project Initialization, Planning, Execution, Deployment. Business Consulting.

13 months

Dec 07

Nov 07

Technia Norway

Business Consultant

Oslo, Norway Norway


▪ Project at Telenor Cinclus around ENOVIA MatrixOne for Product Configuration Management. Solution and Scenario definition and validation.

2 months

Sep 07

Jun 07

Technia Norway

Business Consultant

Kongsberg, Norway Norway



▪ Project at Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace around Matrix for Manufacturing. Management of multiple views and configurations.

4 months


Sep 06

Technia Sweden

Business Consultant

Lund, Sweden Sweden

Sony Ericsson

WM Data

Geometric Software

▪ Project Space at Sony Ericsson around Matrix. Collaboration with WM Data and the Indian company Geometric. Business consulting with a focus on the problematic of Design and Manufacturing outsourcing, external access and collaboration.

11 months

July 06

Mai 06

Technia Sweden

Project Manager

Randers, Denmark Denmark

Matrix One


▪ Definition phase for a Document Management application around Matrix and TVC components at Vestas.

3 months

 Ap 04 - Ap 06




 PTC (Paris)








Solution Architect





Permanent Position


Apr 06



Aug 05

PTC Paris

Solution Architect


Huawei Technologies

Schneider Electric

▪ Projects for various large companies in different countries (France France, China China, U.S.A USA). Specialization in upgrade and migration, release to manufacturing.

Assessment, Consulting, Migration Program planning, Proposal, Conception, Implementation and Migration for PTC products including Windchill PDMLink 8.0.

9 months

Jun 05







Sep 04

PTC Stockholm

Solution Architect

Stockholm, Sweden Sweden

skf nammo alimakhekpharmaciadiagnostics sydkraftNCChydrautoxdin itcinfotech


▪ Projects for various large companies in different Scandinavian cities and in different industries. Collaboration with XDin for NCC Komplett and the Indian company ITC Infotech for PharmaciaDiagnostics.

Assessment, Consulting, Conception, Implementation and Migration for PTC products. Installation, tuning, rehosting, cloning, directory federation, data and code migration from Foundation & PDM to PDMLink.

10 months

Aug 04






 Ap 04

PTC Paris

Windchill Solution Architect


dcnlog ph edf cs ares


▪ Projects for various large companies in different countries (France France, Norway Norway, Sweden Sweden). Collaboration with C-S and Ares.

Consulting, Conception, Implementation and Migration mainly with Windchill PDMLink 7.0, ProjectLink 7.0, Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0.

5 months

 Aug 03 - Mar 04


Simulog (Paris)


   PLM   Architect


Permanent Position


Mar 04



Nov 03

Simulog Paris

Windchill Developer





▪ Project Espace for Air France (airport's document management).

Conception and Development for Windchill Foundation 6.2.6.

5 months

Oct. 03


 Aug 03

Simulog Paris

Windchill Solution Architect





▪ Project KEOPS for Air France Industries (rebuild of engine's maintenance system).

Author of proposal for call of tenders in collaboration with Thales IS. 

3 months

 Nov 02 - Jul 03


Prox-e (Paris)



Windchill Consultant








July 03


May 03

Schneider Electric

Solution architect Windchill


 Schneider Electric



▪ Project PIM Program for Schneider Electric (rebuild of information system) with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, and PCO Technologies.

Guidance for requirements and author of technical specifications for the PDM.

3 months

Mar. 03





Nov. 02

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

Windchill Consultant


Cap Gemini




▪ Project GED for HAGER (document management).

Development Management for new versions. Migration.

 ▪ Project ISDB for all Airbus partners (airplane signal management).

Conception of workflows and collaborative work. Anomaly analysis.

5 months


 Dec 00 - Oct 02






Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (Toulouse)

 Cap Gemini Ernst & Young


Windchill Architect


Permanent Position



Oct. 02


Aug. 02

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

Windchill Developer





▪ Project AMDB for all Airbus partners (airplane model management).

Development for first version.

3 months

July 02


May 02

Airbus Germany

Windchill Consultant

Hamburg, Germany Germany





▪ Project SyCM for Airbus Germany (document management).

Functional consulting for the definition of next version, prototype.

3 months

Oct. 02

Dec. 01

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

Windchill Instructor

Toulouse and Bièvres




▪ Organization and handling of Windchill training, under PTC certification. More...


Aug. 01


July 01


Windchill Consultant

The Hague, Holland Holland




▪ Project pilot EDMS for Interbeton (intranet under Windchill).

Technical and functional consultant in a PTC team for the pilot.

2 months

Apr. 02





Dec. 00

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

Technical Leader






▪ Project SyCM for Airbus Deustchland (document management for A380 program).

Development management for a Windchill project through its entire lifecycle. Migration.

 ▪ Project PIC-GDT for Labinal (technical data management for wiring).

Implementation of workflows.

15 months


 Sep 96 - Sep 00


ENSIEG (Grenoble)


Engineering Student






July 00


Mar. 00

Cisco Systems

Intranet Technical Leader

Oslo, Norway Norway




▪ Project Intranet Norway for Cisco Systems (intranet reserved for Norway).

Total conception of website and database, from need analysis to production setting.

5 months

Sep. 99


July 99



Toulouse France




▪ Project Envirometra for Thomson-CSF (online environment data).

Conception of servlets and graphical charts.

3 months


    education    EDUCATION

Engineer, Master of Science, graduate of École Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Électriciens de Grenoble (ENSIEG),

  The school is member of Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG) – degree awarded September 2000.

  Major in Computer Science.


    function    FUNCTIONAL SKILLS


PLM(12 years), ECM

Functional solutions experience, knowledge of PLM tools, pre-sales, cost-estimates, aerospace industry experience, electricity industry experience.

Management, Leadership

Certified IPMA level C project manager, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Rigorous and  Agile management of projects, solution choices, lead of team, quality processes, deployment in heterogeneous environment, ability to develop strong customer relationships in industry, author technical documents for projects, studies or proposals.


Training of end users, colleagues, customers; on technical or functional themes.


Able to work independently, enterprising, organized, business and commercial awareness, solid problem analysis and solving skills, ability to adapt.


    technical    TECHNICAL SKILLS



Java, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, SQL, XML, XSL, XSLT, CSS, RMI, C++, CGI.


PC, Solaris, Windows, Unix, DOS, HP-UX.


Enovia (6 years), Windchill (6 years), SAP PLM, SmarTeam, PDMLink, ProjectLink, Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire, Pro|INTRALINK, PartsLink, ProductView, DynamicDesignLink, Inventor 2008, Info*Engine, Eclipse, Visual Café, WinCVS, Visual Source Safe, JCreator, Ant, Struts, PaintShopPro, Acrobat Distiller, Netscape Enterprise Server, iPlanet, JRun, Tomcat, Apache, ApacheJServ, Toad, Vnc, MS Office.


Oracle, MS Access, mySQL.


UML, Rational Rose, RAD.


    language    LANGUAGES

French, mother tongue.

English, fluent – able to work in English-speaking environment.

Norwegian , fluent able to work in Norwegian-speaking environment.

Germangood understanding - worked partly in Germany during 6 months.

Swedish, good understanding worked partly in Sweden during 2 years.

▪ Danishread worked partly in Denmark during 5 months.


    certification    INDUSTRY CERTIFICATIONS

▪ High Impact Presentations, Dale Carnegie – March 2010.

▪ Certified Scrum Product Owner, Iterate – February 2009.

▪ Project Manager IPMA level C certification, IPMA / NFP / TEKNA – June 2008.

Windchill Instructor, Business environment administration, R5.1, R6.2 (PTC) – February 2002.

Windchill Instructor, Process Management (PTC), R5.1, R6.2 (PTC) – February 2002.

Windchill Instructor, Introduction to Windchill, R5.1, R6.2 (PTC) – December 2001.

Windchill Technical Consultant, 130-001 PTC’s Windchill R5.0 (PTC) – November 2001.



▪ 2 days course in TechnologySAP Introduction, (SAP)Oslo, Norway, June 2012.

▪ 3 days course in Communication: High Impact Presentations, (Dale Carnegie)Oslo, Norway, March 2010.

▪ 2 days course in Business Consulting: Business Modeling, (Astrakan) – Helsinki, Finland, February 2009.

▪ 2 days course in Project Management:  Scrum Product Owner, (Iterate), Methodology training – Oslo, Norway, February 2009.

▪ 1 week course in Technology:  Inventor 2008, (Autodesk, CAD-Q), Technical training – Oslo, Norway, February 2008.

▪ 2 weeks course in TechnologyMatrixOne Training User, Administrator, Developer (Technia), Functional and technical training – Stockholm, Sweden, July 2006.

▪ 2 weeks course in Technology: Upgrade Migration Training for PDMLink 8.0 (PTC), Functional and technical training Needham, U.S.A, July 2005.

▪ One week course in Technology: Global Services boot camp (PTC), Functional and technical training on PDS Orlando, U.S.A, January 2005.

▪ One week course in Technology: PDMLink ProjectLink 7.0 bootcamp (PTC), Functional and technical training on PDS Paris, April 2004.

▪ One week course in Pedagogy: Q.F.C (Cap Gemini), Training animation, Pedagogy, Public speaking – Toulouse, January 2002.

▪ One week course in Quality: Focus Test (Cap Gemini), Test efficiency, Test planning, Quality – Toulouse, January 2002.


    reference    REFERENCES

▪ References available upon request.



▪ Driving license.

▪  Ski, play Volleyball and Rugby regularly.

▪ Extensive travel in Northern Europe: Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Holland, Sweden.

Gastronomy, Cooking, Tea tasting, Wine tasting.


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